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MagicYoYo .iYO Purple Line Aluminum Yo-Yo

MagicYoYo .iYO Purple Line Aluminum Yo-Yo

The MagicYoyo.iYO Purple Line is a great unresponsive yo-yo from novice to professional. It features a big and wide butterfly shape, great for easy string catch. This yo-yo also boasts a 67 gram weight that makes for a stable well balanced throw. A definite plus for high speed routines.

SPECS: 1.Body Shape :Butterfly Long time spin
2.Weight:67g 4.Width:44mm
4.Material:ALloy 6061
5.Bearing :Size C (Large), Concave bearing
7.Body Material: Aluminium
8.Style: String Trick 1A 3A 5A
9.Response: Yellow Silicon Pad

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